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This post contains links to all of my Arthur/Morgana (Merlin) fan fiction.

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Fan fic: I Told You So

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I Told You So

an Arthur/Morgana (Merlin) fan fic

Summary:  Morgana catches Arthur and Gwen together, and gives them each a piece of her mind.  Angsty, aggressive fic which takes a critical view on S2.  Touches of mockery and snark.
Word Count: 1,700
Note:  General spoilers for S2, w/ references to Arthurian legend

**Re-watching S2 has made me angry and I need to get that out before being able to continue my big bang fic. So this one-shot isn’t about perfect plot or structure, it’s just about venting and giving Morgana her power back. Normally I write very slow but I pounded this out quickly in an effort to exorcise the demons.

Warning:  this is not a Gwen-friendly or A/G-friendly fic.  If you like them, stop now.  Seriously, don't read it.  Anyone who comments with "ZOMG!!11 ur sooooo mean n u suck!" will be beheaded.

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Merlin Manip: Bradley James "got milk?" ad

Satirical "got milk?" mustache advertisement featuring everyone's favorite prince!  

Got this idea from hearing Bradley's multiple comments on his love for milk, and his frustration in not being able to drink it while shooting in France.  This is mentioned in both a video diary (where Anthony Head informs him that milk isn't good) and a magazine interview.  Also inspired by the fact that we need more Bradley photoshoots! 

I'm too scared to post this anywhere else, because (a) the Merlin fandom is so frighteningly large, and (b) various comms have more rules and requirements than I can keep straight.  


The Long Road Home, Ch. 15 + Epilogue

This is the final installment, which rates very high on the International Scale of Sappy Fluff. Lots of thanks for those of you who have taken the time to read my incredibly long ramblings here (almost 40k!) and given me feedback along the way. You guys rock. There aren't enough chapter fics in the ArMor world, so I wanted to produce something worthy.  I hope you enjoyed the journey! Posting this is a little bittersweet: although I am anxious to finish it and get started on something new, this has been occupying my mind (and time) for several months.

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The Long Road Home, Ch. 13

We’re drawing near the conclusion – two chapters left after this. At this point I’m struggling between wanting to get it done, worrying about it dragging, and worrying about it being rushed. *headdesk*

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The Long Road Home, Ch. 12

Apologies for the delay - silly RL gets in the way!

Warnings: excess sap and sexual situations

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The Long Road Home, Ch. 11

Only one chapter this time, and a fairly short one... because I am a tease.

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The Long Road Home, chs. 9 & 10

Here it is – what you have all been patiently waiting for for eight chapters! I'm very excited to finally be posting these. :)

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